Marketing is NOT complicated
IF you can think clearly.

Everything you learned about marketing is bullshit pedaled by opportunists who prey on ignorance.

The marketing tips pumped on social media are solutions to problems you don't even have, leaving you among the millions of hopeless marketing zombies.

Time to expel the marketing mind viruses.

Meet the Marketing Bullshit Exorcist.


I have sorted through the fraudsters to find the great, timeless marketing principles, so you can save years of being run around in circles buying more useless educational garbage.

Chad Nantais
Chad Nantais

Quit copying how others are marketing. They are bad copies of their teachers who were bad copies of their teachers and so on.

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."
—Murakami (one of the greatest novelists of our time)

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The clarity that I have gained from one week of knowing Chad and working with him is INSANE! Nobody can compete. I've paid folks money and they either just remind me of what I already know or give motivation to start.

– Ashley Calhoun
The Brave, Bold, Fearless Manual

Chad transformed my relationship with business. He showed me that I already have what it takes to attract & convert paying customers. It’s no coincidence that after working with Chad I grew an audience of tens of thousands of fans & millions of views. Big thanks to Chad for all his world-class knowledge, skills & encouragement.

– Kate Csak
@pearlswann on TikTok

From stimulating the initial fast growth to scaling the brand, Chad made sure our founding values and character were honored, and our audience was highly engaged.
Chad’s big-picture perspective ensured that we were always on the leading edge of marketing in the supplement industry, and able to capitalize on all opportunities.

– Carolyn F. A Dean MD ND
RnA ReSet

Chad stays on top of what is happening in marketing trends in addition to his firm grasp on marketing in general. He is data driven yet also has a keen ability to see the big picture.
Together we were able to brainstorm and execute multi million dollar growth.

– Michelle Bridger
Facebook Advertising Specialist

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