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published23 days ago
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Here’s a pattern that I was made aware of by email marketing expert Ben Settle.

There is a common strategy that worked for the creators of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Barbie, Pokemon, Marvel Comics, Disney and Mister Rogers. It also worked for businesses like Apple.

That strategy is world-building.

They all created worlds that were so good that their customers want to inhabit 24/7 and never want to leave.

These brands will live on forever (as long as new owners don’t ruin them).

They don’t have to try and be heard over the millions of others competing for attention. And they don’t have to hard-sell anything. They just make products available and customers buy anything they offer.

So, your prompt for today is:

If you created a theme park that embodied the values, dreams, and desires of you and your ideal customer, what would it feature and what kind of feeling would it evoke in guests?



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