Live your highest purpose

published22 days ago
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Ever wonder, “is what I’m doing even worth it?”

Then chances are you’re not applying yourself to the fullest expression of your values. You sense that your gifts and passions are not being used to the max.

Instant gratification has shrunk our goal-setting. Most people can’t plan further than next weekend. We are not the same humans that designed and built wonders like the Great Pyramid.

Your purpose should be bigger than what one can accomplish in a lifetime. Thinking big creates a vacuum large enough to involve your whole being. Then, you won’t wonder if it’s worth it. And, you’ll no longer be competing with the 99% of others who are just short-term thinkers.

And, it pulls in others who value that purpose.

Here is a prompt to ensure that you are pursuing your higher purpose and not selling yourself short:

If you knew you were going to be young and healthy for 200 years, what would you attempt that you’re not attempting now?

Business is the best tool we have to change the world. If you think big and stubbornly focus on a higher purpose, you will attract the resources to make an impact.

Live long, thrive, and prosper.


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