The power hidden in simplicity

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Go, the world’s oldest board game, has only 3 rules. But it takes a lifetime to master. Some children are pulled out of school to attend special Go academies. They dedicate the rest of their lives to the study, practice and mastery of this game. Simplicity is the reason why this game has evoked lifelong dedication for 4,000 years.

Even in marketing, there are only about 3 principles that matter. That doesn’t leave a whole lot to say. So, I just say three things over and over again in different ways. And that’s okay because repetition is the mother of mastery.

Pressing ‘Send’ on an email to 100,000 people was unthinkable when I started out. But by learning and repeating a few simple principles, it became as routine as making morning coffee.

And I knew those few simple principles because I had the right coach. Unlike most people, I wasn’t led into the wilderness by the bullshit bafflers.

That’s why I don’t want to box you in with too many rules. It is better to show you the degrees of freedom you didn’t know you had.

For one, you don’t have to learn the regurgitated tactics that the information peddlers are slinging. They profit by sustaining your confusion.

Here are my 3 principles of marketing that will save you hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars:

  1. Be a monopoly of one, never compete. Do that unique thing that you love, can be #1 at, and get paid for.
  2. Communicate and embody a few simple ideas over and over, consistently until others do it for you. Then keep doing it.
  3. Target one specific group of people that you empathize with. Talking to “anybody” = talking to nobody.

That’s it!

Now what are the 3 main principles of YOUR teaching or coaching?

If you can’t figure them out, then it’s time to set up a coaching call to get you to AH-HA!


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